Why Does Your Business Need Mobile Credentials for Access Control?

Why Does Your Business Need Mobile Credentials for Access Control?

Keeping your business safe and secure for you, your employees, and your clients and customers is crucial to your operations. If your assets are protected, you can trust that your day-to-day tasks and processes can get done on time andthat damage, delays, and losses can be avoided.

With the help of modern tech innovations, particularly mobile credentials, you can elevate how your business runs and performs. To know what a mobile credential is, what it does, and why it is good for your business, read on.

What is a mobile credential?

A mobile credential works like a key fob, barcode card, magnetic stripe card, and other type of key card. It gives authorization to anyone who possesses it to open a door and enter or exit a building. However, unlike these other authorization tokens, it is stored in your phone rather than being a separate physical item. Through a smartphone app installed on your mobile phone, it allows or denies access toa particular space by comparing yourunique ID number to the list of approved users in the management software. With the help of Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), or Bluetooth, it connects your phone to the door reader, and will unlock it (if accepted) or keep it locked (if rejected).

How can your business benefit from mobile credentials?

Whether you use anNFC mobile credential or some other mobile credential access controlsystem for your business, you can enjoy many different benefits. Below are some good reasons why using anNFC mobile credentialorother mobile credential access controlsystemishighly recommended forbusinesses:

No need to carry physical keys

For many people, having to carry around yet another key is not ideal. Especially if they are prone to misplacing their house keys or car keys, they do not want to have to worry about losing or dropping their office keys too. A mobile credential allows employees and other staff touse their phone to gain access to your building. No more lost keys!

Use just your phone

Mobile phones have become a necessity in this digital day and age. With them, you not only can make and receive calls and send and receive text messages, but you can also write and send emails, post photos and videos to your social media pages, research information for school or work, and even do certain work tasks. You can rely on them for your building’s mobile credential system too. Because all you need to do is download an app, you can just tap your phone on a door reader to enter or exit rooms or other restricted spaces in your building.

Reduce the risk of theft, loss, and other security concerns

Carrying physical keys and key cards comes with the risk of them getting stolen from you, dropping them without you noticing, or forgetting where you placed them in the office or at home. This causes a lot of hassle and can be expensive and even dangerous. If you want to avoid these situations, you should switch to mobile credentials.

Improve safety and security

In the event that aphysical key to your building is stolen, lost, or misplaced, you might be concerned about someone with bad intentions finding it and using it to trespass. If you have expensive equipment or sensitive information to protect, you have to prevent that from happening. With the help of mobile credentials, you know that you have a much better safety and security system in place that wrongdoers will have a tough time cracking.

Cut costs

Investing in modern technology to reinforce the safety and security system of your business might seem costly. However, you should not forget that hiring security personnel or using older methods can also burn a big hole in your pockets. And, because they are not as fool-proof as mobile credentials, they can force you to hire extra bodies or replace your current system, which will likely end up being more expensive in the long run. Thus, to save money, do not have second thoughts about going with the more advanced and high-tech option.

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